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City Walks in Berlin - Oi Berlin Travel Guide
City Walks in Berlin

City Walks in Berlin

As in all major cities with respect for itself, Berlin too has city walks. And in Berlin you have the opportunity to experience some slightly different city walks than you might have expected beforehand. A guided city walk provides you with a unique opportunity to experience the city close up by and acquire information about Berlin you may not be able find in a book. Here you can read about a minuscule selection of the many many possible city walks in Berlin:

The classic city walk

If it’s your first trip to Berlin or if you want to obtain a little more information about Berlin than you already have – then you can take the classic city walk. Here you go to all the major sights, such as Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburger Tor and the location where Hitler committed suicide.

Street Art city walk

You can see Street Art all over Berlin, but on a guided tour you will be guided to locations with graffiti art and murals, which other tourists usually do not see. You’ll receive information about the artists, the culture, and the meaning of urban art.

Germany during Hitler

Take a trip back to World War II with a guided tour to, Goebbels department of propaganda and the ruins of the SS and Gestapo headquarters, among other things. Get the story of the upturn of World War II, and how Hitler intended to make Berlin the capital of his grand empire.

David Bowies Berlin

Go on a tour of David Bowie’s Berlin. Get the stories of the 1970’s Berlin which inspired Bowie to create the Heroes album. See the Hansa sound studios, where Bowie recorded his music, the clubs he visited and see where he lived. This is the ultimate walk for a Bowie fan.