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Kork Yogis - Berlin Street Art - Oi Berlin Travel Guide
Kork Yogis - Berlin Street Art

Kork Yogis – Berlin Street Art

Berlin is a mecca for street art enthusiasts. A large part of the street art you can experience in Berlin is graffiti and grand and beautiful murals. But Berlin offers also other kinds of street art. It’s all about keeping your eyes open when you explore the city so you can discover it.

Berlin street art – figurines of cork plugs

One of the fun street art examples we have encountered are small figurines made of cork plugs, which the artist has placed on several street signs. Small figures which practise yoga in various poses. Very nice, small, creative works of art which enliven the street scene.

Inspired by Slinkachu, a London street artist, a German yoga instructor began placing the small figurines in Berlin. Over the years, more and more has been added, some of the figures contain a political message. A number of figures support the German-Turkish jounalist Deniz Yücel.

So when you are waiting for the traffic light to change somewhere in Berlin, remember to look up at the street signs. Maybe you encounter a small cork figurine.