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Urban Spree Art Gallery in Berlin - Oi Berlin Travel Guide
Urbanspree Art Gallery - Oi Berlin

Urban Spree Art Gallery

At Revaller Strasse you will find Urban Spree. An area which contains both an Art Gallery and an outdoor hang out place with bars and music. A lovely place to enjoy a summer afternoon (or spring or late summer). During the summer you can enjoy regular outdoor concerts and events. Ravaller is an area where you can experience colorful characters and creative people of Berlin. Graffiti is painted, music is played, people smoking marijuana. An area where everybody is free to enjoy their diversity.

In Urban Spree, guests are a mixture of locals and tourists. People are very friendly and welcoming just as many other places in Berlin. In the Art Gallery there are varying exhibits and you can buy posters, books and T-shirts.

In urban spree you are presented with great creativity, fun and art, lovely people and a really nice atmosphere.